Speakers, panels, schedule and almost festival time!

Only one month left until the festival kicks off in Norrköping. If you still haven’t gotten your delegate pass, make sure you do it sooner rather than later to be on the safe side.

Today we are happy to announce lots of speakers for the conference and more panels. We will introduce speakers and panels continuously on our website over the next two weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Among today’s speakers, we find major label representatives, digital wizards, agents, indie lovers and journalists.  Say hello and welcome to Lisa Hultengren (Sony Music), Rickard Andersson (Returpack), Effie Karabuda (Aftonbladet), Jenni Cochrane (AEI Group), Andreea Magdalina (SheSaid.So), Clotaire Buche (JUNZI Arts), Gustav Käll (Universal Music), Margit Bøhn (Universal Music), Nikoo Sadr (The Orchard), Andreas Andersson (DMG Education), Annika Forsberg (Skavlan mfl), Romain Piquerez (Integraal Production), Charlotte Corre (Supanova), Oswald Mavoungoud (Ugop) You can read more about each speaker on our website.

We are also presenting a new panel called ”Songwriters – the new success story” which will focus on how songwriters have become superstars with their own names in today’s industry.  This year we are teaming up with the French export office, Le Bureau Export, to host a panel, mingle and presenting acts at the festival. Their panel will be an introduction to the French market and how to export your artist in this unusual music market. The third talk is presented by Live Green and will take a look at how you as an organiser can work towards more sustainable events.

Songwriters – the new success story?
Over the years the focus has shifted and it’s now not only on the star on stage but on the songwriters that write the songs for the artists on stage. Many songwriters and producers have taken the step into the limelight and become fully fledged superstars them self while other hugely successful artists, like SIA, also has careers as songwriters for other artists.  In this panel, we have gathered a group of interesting industry professionals who all work with songwriters and artists in different ways.

FRANCE : How to succeed exporting your artist in an unusual music market
Come along to this panel to learn insiders’ tips about France, the 5th biggest music market in the world, a favourite one for touring bands, yet one where few Scandinavian acts venture. Professionals from France – Agent, promoter, label, publisher – will be there to answer all of your questions.

Stage plots, setlists & Saving the world: An introduction to Live Green
We live in a world where we need changemakers, conscious human beings, leaders, artists and event organizers – more than ever. Through festivals and events, we can lead the way towards a sustainable future. We can experiment, include, reduce, integrate and inspire.

Previously announced panels

Is the local music scene in trouble – or in transition?
A panel discussion on the problems facing the live scene in urban environments. The panellists share their thoughts on problems and solutions in times with few local, regional or national support systems for musicians, music producers, promoters and event producers.

The role of music in city growth, development and improving our quality of life:  What Music Cities Means
Sound Diplomacy are the global leaders of the music cities movement.  In over 20 countries, Sound Diplomacy help governments and the private sector understand the value of music, and how to unlock its full potential.  In this talk, Danny Keir will outline the role of music in growing, supporting and sustaining our cities, from how our industry impacts city development, to the role of music across planning, policy, education and regulation.”

Gaming as a platform for the next generation in music
A panel which discusses the correlation between gaming and music. The panellists look at the future of music consumption and how gaming and music can benefit each other.

Influencer marketing, Brand ambassadors and tastemakers – A how-to.
A know-how into influencer marketing and how it works. With today’s fascination with getting viral, the trinity of brand, artist and influencer is something more and more people are turning to. In this panel, we will talk about the do’s and don’ts in influencer marketing and how it can be done.

Mental Health in the Music Industry
A deep dive into the mental health of industry professionals. Can music make you sick and how do you prevent crashing?

A&R’s of today
How does an AR work today? How will an AR work tomorrow?

”It has been said by many in the industry that in the digital age, A&R is dead. However, like most facets of the music business, the digital age has merely transformed it.  Now there is a new definition of how A&R works.”

Your Next Boss
WTM 2017 introduced the panel “Your next boss”, a panel where we met four outstanding young professionals that are making waves in the music industry. We will once again invite a group of young industry professionals to talk about the future and how they see their industry. Get ready to get inspired!


Schedule for the conference
Times are subject to change.

Friday 9th of February
09:00-11:00 – Free delegate buss from Stockholm to Norrköping
09:00-18:00 – Delegate check-in open (Grand Elite Hotel)
12:00-17:00 – Panels
17:00-18:00 – Sparkling mingle at Elite Grand Hotel
18:30-03:00 – Festival

Saturday 10th of February
09:00-18:00 – Delegate check-in open (Grand Elite Hotel)
10:00-16:00 – Panels
16:00-17:00 – French mingle
18:30-03:00 – Festival
19:00-20:30 – GAFFA Priset

Sunday 11th of February
11:00-13:00 – Free delegate buss from Norrköping to Stockholm

If you’d like to join the festival buss, please send us an email at festivalbus@wheresthemusic.se.
The bus is free for all delegates.