Three days dedicated to the Swedish music scene

Where's the Music? is both a festival and a conference. On 10 different stages around Norrköping about 100 acts will perform during the festival, while delegates from both the Swedish and international music bussinnes will attend lectures and seminars during the conference.

    What is Where's the Music?

    Where’s the Music? is Sweden’s platform for new music. At WTM the domestic and international music industry meets to discover new talent together with happy festivalgoers.
    The festival consists of two parts – a conference, which focuses on the music industry, and a music festival.

    – The festival, which is a public event, gives the festivalgoers and industry a chance to discover new acts from Sweden and abroad. The festival takes place inside 10 different venues in central Norrköping.

    When and where?

    Where’s the Music? Festival is held Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th of February 2017. The festival takes place in central Norrköping.

    Where’s the Music? Conference is held Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th of February 2017. The conference takes place at Louis De Geer in Norrköping. On the Thursday, 2nd of February, an opening night is held at the venue Arbis.

    Age limit

    You need to have turned 18 by the 2nd of February 2017 to attend the festival and/or conference.

    I want to play at Where's the Music?!

    If you are interested of playing at our festival please drop us an email at Please note that we get a lot of email and cannot reply to everyone, but we read every email! We will contact you if we are interested.

Latest news

  • 09 February
    Thank you!
  • 26 January
    Final 25 and 60%!
  • 18 January
    The last 21 acts to the festival!
  • 11 January
    7 more speakers for WTM
  • 22 December
    PIAS, 13 Artists, The Orchard and Gradvall
  • 21 December
    Hurula, Skott + 20 more confirmed acts

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